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Choosing a Memorial

The memorial you select depends on many factors, most notably your tastes, your budget, and the assistance you receive. At Delp Monument we patiently work with you by first and foremost listening, then move forward based on your wishes. Our goal is to give you the best possible value in your price range, knowing this is a “once in a lifetime” purchase.

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Decide on Style

Whether you favor uprights, slants, bevel markers, bronze or something more specialized, It‘s best to start here. Once you’ve picked your style, you can choose the amount of polish or natural rock pitching.

Decide on Granite , Color & Grade

We handle domestic granite quarried in Vermont, South Dakota, and Canada as well as imports from India, China, and Africa.

Decide on Design

The more difficult the decision, the more Delp Monument Company can assist you. As the area’s foremost CAD assisted memorial designer, we use our expertise to insure that you’ll receive knowledgeable service to help you choose the best match.